Month-end Family Bazaar

Get your retail fix at our Month-end Family Bazaar! Excited to see what our members have in store for you? Head down to the Club on the last weekend of August for some amazing bargains.

Are you interested in setting up a mini clothing boutique or bookstore? Or your talents may lie in whipping up freshly baked homemade cookies and other eatables. Perhaps, you want to share your whimsical trinkets and baubles with everyone else. The possibilities are endless; The sales are limitless; The memories are countless.

Book for two consecutive days and enjoy a special rate!
1 day: $50 (Member)  |  $60 (Guest)
2 days: $90 (Member)  |  $110 (Guest)

Dates available:
- 29 October
- 30 October
- 26 November
- 27 November
- 17 December
- 18 December

To book a space, please call our Events Department at 6342 3650/670 or email