Membership FAQs

How do I sell my Membership?  

You may sell your Membership through word of mouth or advertising in the newspapers, or you may sell it through a Club Membership Broker.

Can the Club recommend a broker?  

The Club does not have any preferred brokers. The brokers can be found in the classified section of The Straits Times.

If I have a single membership, can I sell my membership?  

Only Family Memberships are transferable in accordance with the Club Rules. Single Members may find another member with a Single Membership to sell it together as a Family Membership.

If I am a Single Member looking to sell my membership, how do I look for another Single Member with the same intention, in order to sell our membership?  

You may find another single member through our Club brokers. For more information, please refer to The Strait Times – Classified, Column 66.

How do I sell my membership if I am stationed overseas?  

You would need to get a power-of-attorney to give your representative in Singapore the authority to sell the membership on your behalf. Alternatively, the signing of the original transfer forms must be witnessed, signed and stamped by a Justice of Peace, Singapore High Commissioner or Notary Public.

What if the application for membership of the Buyer is rejected?  

The Seller must find a new Buyer and in the meantime the membership account must be reinstated.

Is there a fee if the application is rejected?  


Can two individuals purchase a family membership on shared basis?  

No. Only a married couple or a single individual may purchase a family membership.

Transfer Procedures  

1. The Transferor (henceforth called the “Seller”) shall complete and submit the Application for Transfer of Ordinary (Transferable) Membership, obtainable from the Membership Department or the Front Desk Reception at the Main Lobby. The Application for Transfer of Ordinary (Transferable) Membership must be duly signed by all parties concerned in the presence of the membership representative.

2. Upon completion of processing, the Membership Department shall arrange an appointment with both the Seller and Transferee (henceforth called the “Buyer”). The Seller shall ensure that the Buyer will be available on the appointment date.

3. On the transfer appointment date, the Seller must settle his/her outstanding balance and transfer fee, surrender his/her membership cards, and where applicable the car park label(s) and all other Club-issued collaterals. The Buyer must submit a copy of applicable collaterals such as marriage certificate, identity card of each family member, birth certificates of all children, three (3) colour passport-size photographs of each family member and vehicle particulars together with proof of vehicle(s) ownership. The Buyer must also ensure that all sections of the Membership Application Form are duly completed.

4. The name and photograph of the prospective members will be displayed at the Club’s notice board as candidates for existing members’ information for a period of one month. Thereafter, the application will be brought to the Membership Sub-Committee Meeting the following month for final approval. The Membership Department will notify the prospective members on the status of their membership accordingly. This whole process will take approximately two months.

5. The Seller and the Buyer will be duly informed of the outcome upon approval of the transfer. The Seller will be refunded his deposit after deduction of any other dues. The Membership Department will send the membership card(s), car park label(s) and a complimentary welcome package via registered post to the Buyer.

6. In the event that the buyers application is unsuccessful, the Seller’s account will be reinstated and all membership collaterals will be returned to them.

Important Notes  

A “Transferable Membership” shall either be a Family Membership as defined in Club Rule 4(n) or any combination of two single memberships, from the Ordinary, Honorary Life or Life Membership as defined in Rule 7(a).
Prospective Buyer
The prospective Buyer must be 21 years old or above, and must satisfy the requirements to be an Ordinary Member as defined in Rule 7(b). His/her application for membership shall be proposed by two members, both of whom must be existing members of the Club for at least three years.
Transfer Price
The Seller is required to source for his/her own Buyer and agree on the transfer price. The Club will not be involved in any dispute between the Seller and Buyer under any circumstances. The transfer price advertised in the newspaper is usually inclusive of transfer fee plus GST. 

Transfer Fee
The transfer fee is S$8,000 plus prevailing GST or 20% of the prevailing official entrance fee at S$40,000, payable either by the Seller or Buyer.
Administration Fee
An administration fee of $500.00 will be charged to the Seller it the application is withdrawn for whatever reasons after submission to the Club.

Monthly Subscription
The Seller will be liable to pay the monthly subscription fee for the month in which the transfer form is submitted to the Membership Department for processing.
The approval for transfer of membership is subject to the approval of the Management Committee and Membership Sub-Committee, pursuant to Club Rule 11. An estimated time of eight weeks is required to complete the transfer process.