F&B Drive-through Pick-up Service

Lunch: 10am to 2.30pm (Food pick-up from 11am onwards)
Dinner: 4pm to 8pm (Food pick-up from 4.30pm onwards)

Craving for Club’s food? Satiate your appetite with the return of the Club’s F&B Drive-through Pick-up Service! 

Ordering and Picking-up in 5 simple steps

1) View the takeaway menus from The Palms and Jade Phoenix to select dishes.
2) Call 6916 4001 to place your order. Calling in advance is advised.
3) Provide Membership Number, name and contact number for confirmation.*
4) Arrange the time with us to pick up your takeaway.
5) Arrive at driveway of Main Lobby punctually to collect your order from us.**

*Upon confirmation, your account will be charged accordingly even in the case of no-shows.
**No signing of bills required.

50% off Delivery Fees by MilkRun

Enjoy 50% off on your delivery fees when you spend a minimum of $80 at The Palms or on Christmas Goodies, or $150 at Jade Phoenix in a single transaction.