November & December School Holidays Workshops
20 November - 20 December

The school holidays are here again! Check out the list of fun and enriching workshops that we have lined up for you and your children to make this November & December holidays a fulfilling one for all!

Workshop Detail

King Arthur

Tuesday, 20 November

Closing Date: 6 November

Learn more about King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table, and enter a medieval world of mystery and mythology as you learn how to construct a self-made catapult, play a game of Knucklebones and create your own Middle Ages wheel of codes.

Myth Monster

Thursday, 22 November

Closing Date: 8 November

Why do werewolves howl during a full moon? Are there still sightings of the Loch Ness Monster? Do gargoyles really come alive at night? What happened to Goblin and Rumpelstiltskin? Answers to these burning questions will be made known at this fascinating workshop!

Step into the Wild Safari

Tuesday, 27 November

Closing Date: 13 November

Adventurers! Lace up your jungle boots and enter the untamed lands of Africa. Learn about the Great African Migration, big cats and their prints, how crocodiles hunt, and the difference between vultures and other birds of prey!

Under the Sea

Thursday, 29 November

Closing Date: 15 November

Immerse yourself into an ocean of knowledge as you learn more about our blue planet Conduct density experiments to emulate different zones of our seas, find out how aquatic predators like sharks hunt, explore the abyss of the ocean and the strange creatures that lurk beneath, and even get hands-on by dissecting a squid!

The Wonder of Water

Tuesday, 11 December

Closing Date: 27 November

Are you thirsty for knowledge? Study the marvel of water molecules through conducting experiments on water density, surface tension and even make a line of “travelling” water!

Earth's Wonders - Rocks

Thursday, 13 December

Closing Date: 29 November

Learn about the different cycles of rocks, conduct experiments to test rocks' nature and decorate your own rock. Solid!

Life of A Beetle

Tuesday, 18 December

Closing Date: 4 December

Not for the faint of heart! Get to know the life cycle of a beetle by creating a larva cup and observing how larvae moves, and learn all about the different parts of a beetle to appreciate this weird but adorable creature!

Unveil The Secrets of Human Heart

Thursday, 20 December

Closing Date: 6 December

It’s the body’s most important organ but how much do you know about your heart? Dabble in fun experiments that mimic how a heart pumps blood, watch as your body pumps blood through your body by observing your pulse and learn more about the blood circulatory system.

1pm to 5pm @ Emerald Court

Junior Member: $40
Guest: $50

  • All workshops are suitable for kids aged 5 years old and above.
  • Minimum of 6 participants (per workshop) for each workshop to commence.
  • Registration closes two weeks before the start of each workshop.

For enquiries, please call Events (Lifestyle) Department at 63423 650 / 670 or email