Bowling Appreciation Clinic

Bowling Appreciation Clinic
Sunday, 18 June

Have you ever wondered how a bowling ball hooks on the lanes or how bowlers can be so consistent and accurate in hitting those bowling pins?

STOP WONDERING!!! We have specially organised a Bowling Clinic to enable you to better appreciate the game of Bowling.

  1. Introduction to Bowling
  2. Finishing Position
  3. One-step Drill
  4. 5-Steps Drill
  5. Pin Deck Visit
  6. Debrief

Kenneth Ong is a recognised coach as well as an accomplished bowler. He has been coaching since 2012 and is an accredited coach for the Centre of Excellence for Bowling.
Currently, he has achieved a Level 2 coaching certification from the Singapore Bowling Federation. 

Time: 10am-12pm
Venue: Bowling Centre
Fees: $10.70 (Member) | $12.84 (Guest)

Min 10 participants to commence
Max 20 participants

For enquiries, please call Sports Department at 63423 613 / 614 / 616 / 617 / 615 or email