Badminton Inter-Team Competition

Badminton Inter-Team Competition
5,7,12 & 14 March

Time: 6.30pm onwards 

Venue: Badminton Hall

Fee: $16.05 per participant (inclusive GST)

Dinner: 14 February (Cabanas)

Closing Date: 22 February

 • The number of ties depends on the number of entries received and each tie shall consist of 2 sets of 21 points.  
    Only lower ranked players are allowed to repeat once in the higher category.

 • The Badminton Inter-Team Competition consists of 4 teams (Eagles, Hawks, Falcons & Ospreys) playing in a League format tournament.

 • The 4 Team compositions shall be decided by the Badminton Ad-Hoc Committee with each team's captain present.

 • Participants who are below 21 years old must obtain parent's approval.

For enquiries, please call Sports Department at 63423 603/609/616/617/615 or email