30th Annual Bilateral Games
15 October - 3 November

The 30th Annual Bi-Lateral Games between Singapore Swimming Club vs SIA Group Sports Club 
will be hosted by Singapore Swimming Club with schedule of Games as follows : -

Tuesday, 15 October

-7pm   Squash, Squash Courts

Tuesday, 29 October

-12pm  Golf, Marina Bay Golf Course

Sunday, 3 November

-2.30pm  Bowling, Bowling Centre    

-3pm  Snooker & Pool, Billiards Room

-3pm  Tennis, Tennis Courts

-3pm  Table Tennis, Table Tennis Hall

-4pm  Badminton, Badminton Hall

-7pm  Celebratory Dinner, Grand Ballroom


Closing Date: 4 October

For enquiries, please call Sports Department at 63423 603/609/616/617/615 or email sports2@sswimclub.org.sg