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Treadmill Race

1 - 31 March

The annual Treadmill Race is organised to encourage members to keep fi t and healthy, and to challenge their physical limits, through running on the treadmill at our Gym. Participants’ mileage and progress were recorded at the end of each run, and totalled at the end of the month to get the fi nal results.


Champion : Adrian Ho 318.04 km
1st Runner-up : Darrel Kon 264.54 km
2nd Runner-up : Lee Shu Zhen 229.54 km

Category C - 120km & above
Priyanka Kashyap 201.9 km
Nanwani Manoj Lal 172.07 km
Clement Leow 162.15 km
Vaibhav Baskshi 162.17 km
Indru L Khemaney 150.5 km
Doris Chua 145.46 km
Tina Yap 145.47 km
Vikas Jaidka 123.3 km
Praveen Khemaney 120.25 km
Janet Lai 120.17 km

Category B - 80km - 120km
Sanjay Samnani 81.11 km
Chua Sock Huang 80.77 km

Category A - 40km - 80km
Suhit Khullar 41.00 km