• 26

    Revised Bye-Law on Playroom

    We have revised the attached Bye-Law, which will take effect from 20 November 2017 (Mon)

  • 22

    Revised Bye-Law on Lucky Strike

    We have revised the attached Bye-Law, which will take effect from 23 October 2017 (Mon)

  • 14

    Lucky Strike is for Members Only

    With effect from 23 October 2017 (Monday), the following changes to the Jackpot Room Lucky Strike will apply:

     • Lucky Strike is exclusive to Singapore Swimming Club members. No guests are allowed at any time.

     • Members entering Lucky Strike has to register via signing-in upon every single entry and signing-out whenever they exit. Registration is mandatory.

     • Lucky Strike’s operating hours is from 10am to 10.30pm.

     • Age limit for entry is 21 years old.

     • There are no Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale systems such as NETS payment in Lucky Strike.

  • 05

    Revised Bye-Law on The Gym

    We have revised the attached Bye-Law, which will take effect from 21 September 2017 (Thu).

  • 24

    No Outside Alcoholic Beverages Allowed in D'Tanjong & D'Galaxy

    With effect from 4 Sep 2017 (Mon), members will not be allowed to consume alcoholic beverages from outside the Club at D'Galaxy and D'Tanjong.

  • 29

    Club Rule Amendments Approved by ROS

    The Registry of Societies (ROS) has approved the amendments to the following Club Rules, which were presented at the Annual General Meeting held on 21 May 2017 and approved by attending members:

    1. Rule 9 (c)                          Guests
    Rule 21 (g)(ii) & (i)          Management
    Rule 27 (a)(vi)                  Annual General Meeting
    Rule 28 (a)(ii)                   Extra-Ordinary General Meeting
    Rule 29 (c)                        Notice of Meetings
    Rule 43                              Minimum Spending Levy

    The above Club Rule amendments will take immediate effect.

  • 21

    Return of Crockery and Cutlery After Meals

    We have spotted stray cats and other vermin feeding on the leftover food at the Cabana and Delicatessen.

    We urge members to return all crockery and cutlery to the tray-return booth at the Delicatessen and dispose of all leftover food in the trash. 

    We also ask members to refrain from feeding the stray cats.

    Let us work together to keep the Club a safe and hygienic place for all to enjoy. Your co-operation is greatly appreciated. 

  • 30

    Pool Safety and Hygiene

    For members' safety, running or jogging on the swimming pools' apron is not allowed. 

    Footwear is also prohibited on the green carpet between the Recreational and Learn-to-Swim Pools for hygiene reasons. 

    We seek our members' cooperation on this matter.

  • 18

    Front Desk Reception Closes at 10pm

    From 1 Jun 2017 (Thu), our Front Desk Reception will operate from 7am to 10pm.

    Members can approach our Security Personnel at the Main Entrance or MSCP Security Counter for assistance if needed after 10pm.