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    New Reciprocal Club - Royal Bangkok Sports Club

    Singapore Swimming Club recently added the prestigious Royal Bangkok Sports Club, Thailand to our list of reciprocal clubs.

    Members intending to visit The Royal Bangkok Sports Club may obtain a card of introduction from Front Desk Reception or email Melanie Victolero at

    Upon arrival at the destination club, present the card of introduction and your Membership Card for verification. Payments can be made using credit card and cash.

    For our full list of reciprocal clubs, please visit the following webpage

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    Verification of Membership for Towel and Locker Rental

    1. Members are required to present their Membership Cards for verification for towel and day locker rental. Our Towel Counter Attendants have been instructed to not process any transaction without verification of membership.

    2. Towels can be rented at $0.50 per piece. Day locker rental is complimentary.

    3. Members are required to return towels and/or locker keys and sign off on towel and/or locker key return in person on the same day. Guests and Towel Counter Attendants are not allowed to sign off for towels and locker keys on behalf of members.

    4. Members will be charged $15 for every towel and $20 for locker key not returned by the end of the day.

    5. The charge amounts will be automatically deducted from members’ accounts.

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    Closure of Outdoor Facilities & Suspension of Outdoor Activities during Haze

    The Club will suspend all organised outdoor activities and close all outdoor facilities, including all outdoor sports facilities and F&B outlets, once the 3-hour PSI hits above 200. This is in adherence to the National Environment Agency’s health advisory.

    In such an event, 
    A) To protect our staff from the haze, we will move the following frontline staff indoors.

        1) Front Desk Reception will shift to Administration Office on 3rd Floor, Main Building (Tel: 6342 3600 / 601)

        2) Security Officers will continue to keep the Club under surveillance via CCTV from the Security Office. (Tel: 6342 3655).

    B) The Palms will open at 8am for breakfast.

    We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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    Zero Tolerance for Trespassing

    The Club practises a zero-tolerance policy for trespassing. This is to preserve the exclusivity of our membership and upkeep security to protect members and keep their belongings safe.

    Any non-members, including terminated members, that are not signed in as guests and unaccompanied by members at the Club, are considered trespassers. Henceforth, the name of all trespassers will be put up on our notice boards. All repeat trespassers will be referred to the Police.

    In accordance to the Club's Bye-law 20(d), Club Membership Cards are non-transferable. Members who allow their Membership Cards to be used by non-members for any purposes, including trespassing, will be referred for disciplinary action.

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    Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease Advisory

    There have been outbreaks of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD) occurring in childcare centres, kindergartens, and schools lately.

    While there have been no reports of HFMD at the Club, we nevertheless urge members to remain vigilant to look out for symptoms in their children and quarantine them if necessary to curb the spread of the disease.

    The Ministry of Health has advised for a child with HFMD to remain at home, as he or she is infectious throughout the duration of the illness. The child should not be brought to any public or crowded places, and should only resume normal activities after the expiry of the medical certificate and when fully recovered.

    As a preventive measure, the Club has stepped up its disinfection procedures at places where children usually gather.

    We thank you for your civic-mindedness and cooperation. 

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    Membership-related Matters

    Members are required to inform us in writing on the following membership matters with supporting document:

    A) Changes in marital status
    B) Sales, transfer and termination of membership

    In the unfortunate event of a member’s passing, the family should inform us of the demise in writing with supporting document within six months.

    Please request to speak to our Membership staff for clarification, if necessary.

    Members can write to us at the following address:

    Katong P. O. Box 50
    Singapore 914302
    or email us at