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    Hairven Salon Closed Additionally on Thursdays

    With effect from 4 Jul 2019 (Thur), Hairven Salon will be closed on Thursdays, in addition to Mondays and Public Holidays.

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    Management Committee 2019/2020

    Management Committee 2019/2020                                 


    Mr Yeo Chui Hee             - Key Administration

    President                         - Food & Beverage

    Mr Gope Ramchand       - Membership

    Vice-President                - Legal & Rules

                                              - Key Administration (Vice-Chair)

    Mr Michael Chia             - Finance

    Honorary Treasurer 



    Mr Anthony Hoe              - Integrated Estate Services

    Mr Yap Bau Tan              - Jackpot

    Ms Joyce Chan                - Lifestyle

    Dr David Chung              - Marketing Communications

                                              - Procurement

    Ms Mamta                       - Membership (Vice-Chair)

    Mr Jonathan Wang         - Social

    Mr Gerad Loo                  - Swimming

                                              - Sports

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    No Pouring of Water onto Electric Heater in Sauna

    There was a power trip at MSCP Male Changing Room’s Sauna last week.

    Investigation revealed that the power trip was caused by excessive water in the electric heater. An empty plastic bottle, believed to have contained water, was found discarded next to the heater.

    We would like to again remind members to not pour water onto the heaters in the Saunas. The heaters automatically dispense water every fifteen minutes, so there is no need for additional water.

    Power trips at the Saunas are dangerous, as the resulting sudden darkness may cause members to lose orientation and hurt themselves.

    Causing a power trip is an inconsiderate behaviour, as the Sauna would have to be closed for the problem to be rectified and other members would not be able to use the facility.

    Members are encouraged to call the Duty Manager at 9710 6447 if they see such acts, so we may take disciplinary actions against the errant member(s).

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    No Consumption of Food & Beverage At Pool Area

    On 16 and 21 April 2019, shards of glass were found in the Recreation Pool, which had to be closed for thorough checks and cleaning to ensure all glass pieces were removed.

    Investigation revealed that the pieces were likely to be from broken glasses.

    We would like to again remind members to not consume food and beverage at the pool area, and not to throw objects into the pool. The Club Management views such misdeeds, which may cause great harm and inconvenience, seriously and will not hesitate to take disciplinary actions against the errant member(s).

    Members are encouraged to contact the Duty Manager at 9710 6447 if they spot such inconsiderate behaviour.


    Bye-Law 7(g)

    Except as may be specifically authorised by the Management Committee, no object, article or any other matter may be thrown into, thrown around, placed, inserted or played about in the pool. No glass, crockery or cutlery may be placed or footwear worn or placed on the pool surround.

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    Annual General Meeting 2019

    Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting for Year 2019 will be held on Sunday, 26 May 2019 at 2pm at Grand Ballroom.


    • Registration for Meeting, Voting Cards* and Election Ballot Papers** starts at noon and will close at 2.30pm.
      * Voting Cards are used for voting of issues by a show of hands during Meeting.
      ** Election Ballot Papers are used for the election of Club Office Bearers.

    • Casting of Election Ballot Papers starts at noon and will close at 2.45pm.

    • Annual General Meeting proper commences at 2pm.

    • Members who do not register for the Meeting and Voting Cards during the official registration period may attend the Meeting without having voting rights."

    • Only members with voting rights who register their attendance at venue between noon and 2.30pm, and are physically present during the headcount at the start of the Annual General Meeting will be entitled to a $20 F&B voucher each, which will be issued during the break, its timing to be determined and announced at the Meeting.

    • Members may sign out a copy of the minutes of Annual General Meeting 2018 at Front Desk.

    • Members who wish to receive printed copies of the Club’s Annual Reports may email their requests.
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    Parking Arrangement on AGM Day

    This year’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on Sunday, 26 May 2019 from 2pm onwards at Grand Ballroom.

    The Multi-storey Car Park will be reserved for members’ use from 10am to 9pm. Guests can park their vehicles at Dunman High School across the road from the Club.

    Members and guests are advised to remove their vehicles from the school grounds by 9pm.

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    Corporate Memberships in JB’s Golf Clubs to be Terminated

    With effect from 1 May 2019 (Wed), the Club will not be renewing its subscription to corporate memberships in Ponderosa Golf & Country Club and Tanjong Puteri Golf & Country Club in Johor Bahru (JB) due to low patronage of the clubs by our members in the past years.

    The patronage of both clubs has been decreasing, with a drastic 56% drop in 2018 compared against patronage five years ago in 2014. It is, therefore, no longer financially viable for the Club to continue paying the same amounts of membership subscriptions, particularly during these challenging times when the Club has to spend prudently and cut costs to stem the deficit.

    We are currently in talks with both clubs to offer our members special access rates for use of their golfing facilities after May 2019.

    We had earlier informed members who had patronised the golf clubs of the impending termination.

    We seek members’ kind understanding in the matter.

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    Matters Arising from AGM 2018

    As discussed at Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2018, the list of matters arising from AGM 2018 and future ones along with the actions taken by the Club will be made available before the following AGM for members to peruse.

    The list of matters arising from AGM 2018 is now available under ‘Member’s Login’ on the Club website.

    Members may also sign for a copy of the document at Front Desk.

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    Revised Bye-Law on Table Tennis and Goods & Services Tax

    Please refer to this link for the revised Bye-Laws.