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    F&B Outlets Stay Open During Festive Season

    The following F&B outlets will be operating on their usual rest days during the Christmas and New Year periods:

    Jade Phoenix, Cabana & Straits of Malacca: 24 & 31 Dec 2018

    Jackson Miller: 25 Dec 2018 & 1 Jan 2019

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    Revised Cleaning Schedule of Swimming Pools & Changing Rooms

    Please refer to this link for the revised cleaning schedule, which will take effect from 1 Jan 2019 (Tue) onwards.

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    Table Tennis Hall Closed on 12 December

    The Table Tennis Hall will be closed on 12 Dec 2018 (Wed) from 8am to 6pm for a corporate event.

    Thank you for your attention.

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    Update on Competition Pool Reconstruction Project

    1) Further to our notice of 16 November 2018, we are pleased to inform that the reconstruction of the Competition Pool project will be completing soon, at least two months ahead of schedule.

    2) The contractor Innovez Engineering is finishing up the last part of the work. Our Integrated Estate Management Department will then be conducting the last rounds of checks and applying to NEA for the new swimming pool license.

    3) The new Competition Pool's official opening cum carnival will be held on 29 Dec 2018 (Sat) from 3pm to 6pm. We invite you to join in the celebration as we commemorate this significant milestone in the Club's swim history. Details of the event can be found on the Club website and in the event posters displayed around the Club.

    4) From 30 Dec 2018 (Sun), swim training will be conducted at the new Competition Pool.

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    100% Membership Checks

    1) To preserve the exclusivity of our membership and upkeep security to safeguard members’ interests, our security staff will be conducting periodic 100% membership checks every month with immediate effect. We would like to remind members of Bye-Law 20 (a)–(d):

    (a) Membership cards shall be issued for the identification of members and should be carried on whilst on the Club premises and produced when requested by an authorised employee or official of the Club.
    (b) Periodic gate checks shall be carried out when determined by the General Manager and any member not in possession of his membership card shall notify the checking officials or employee of his name, his account number and the reason for not being able to produce it.
    (c) Any member who, on three occasions fail to produce his membership card shall be required to submit within 7 days, a written explanation satisfactory to the General Manager.
    (d) Membership cards are not transferable.

    2) We practice a zero-tolerance policy for trespassing. All guests must be signed in by members. Any non-members, including terminated and suspended members, who are not signed in and unaccompanied by members are considered trespassers, and may be declared persona non grata.

    Club Rule 9(b)(i)
    Any member, other than a Junior or Visiting Member, and any Nominee may introduce into the Club guests provided that the introducer shall on the day the guest is introduced and on entering the Club premises, record the full name and address of the guest, as well as his own name and account number, and state the purpose of the visit in the Guest Book.

    3) We seek your understanding and full cooperation.

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    Next Management Committee Meeting

    27 December 2018 (Thu)
    Time: 6.30pm
    Venue: MC Boardroom

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    Jackpot Opens at 3pm on Wednesday, 26 Dec

    In the last week of December, cash collection at Jackpot Room will be in the morning of Wednesday instead of the usual Tuesday.

    As such, on 26 Dec 2018 (Wed), Jackpot Room will only start operation at 3pm to facilitate the cash collection, as well as the changing of jackpot machines.

    On Christmas Day, 25 Dec 2018 (Tue), Jackpot Room will open as usual at 10am.

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    Club Rule Amendments Approved by ROS

    The Registry of Societies (ROS) has approved the amendments to the following Club Rules, which were presented at the Annual General Meeting held on 27 May 2018 and approved by attending members:

    1. Rule 5 (b) (iii) Membership: Honorary Life Member
    2. Rule 10 (e) Application for Membership and Transfer of Membership
    3. Rule 13 (c) & (g) (iii) Conduct of Members
    4. Rule 17 (d) Subscription and Levy
    5. Rule 21 (i) & 40 (d) Management and Amendments of Rules
    6. Rule 30 (a) Quorum
    7. Rule 35 Club Property

    The above Club Rule amendments will take immediate effect

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    Badminton Courts Closed for Event Bookings

    Please note that the badminton courts will be closed on the following dates and times as indicated: