• 04

    Corporate Memberships in JB’s Golf Clubs to be Terminated

    With effect from 1 May 2019 (Wed), the Club will not be renewing its subscription to corporate memberships in Ponderosa Golf & Country Club and Tanjong Puteri Golf & Country Club in Johor Bahru (JB) due to low patronage of the clubs by our members in the past years.

    The patronage of both clubs has been decreasing, with a drastic 56% drop in 2018 compared against patronage five years ago in 2014. It is, therefore, no longer financially viable for the Club to continue paying the same amounts of membership subscriptions, particularly during these challenging times when the Club has to spend prudently and cut costs to stem the deficit.

    We are currently in talks with both clubs to offer our members special access rates for use of their golfing facilities after May 2019.

    We had earlier informed members who had patronised the golf clubs of the impending termination.

    We seek members’ kind understanding in the matter.

  • 03

    Matters Arising from AGM 2018

    As discussed at Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2018, the list of matters arising from AGM 2018 and future ones along with the actions taken by the Club will be made available before the following AGM for members to peruse.

    The list of matters arising from AGM 2018 is now available under ‘Member’s Login’ on the Club website.

    Members may also sign for a copy of the document at Front Desk.

  • 22

    Revised Bye-Law on Table Tennis and Goods & Services Tax

    Please refer to this link for the revised Bye-Laws.

  • 21

    Front Desk to Operate from 8am

    With effect from 1 May 2019 (Wed), The Club’s Front Desk operating hours will be from 8am-10pm, instead of from 7am.

    Footfall is typically little before 8am and the shift in the operating hours helps in manpower deployment.

    Members who require assistance before 8am may approach the security counter.

  • 14

    AGM 2018 Minutes

    Members who would like to read the minutes of Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2018 may sign for a copy at the Main Reception.

  • 14

    Change in Hairven's Operating Hours

    The Hairven Salon will be closed at 6.30pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays with immediate effect. 

  • 20

    Notice on Judgement

    1. We are pleased to inform that on 19 February 2019, the State Court has dismissed in entirety with costs, a non-member, Ms Shirleen Toh’s claim against the Club for defamation and breach of the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (“PDPA”).

    2. Ms Shirleen Toh was not signed in as guest. In accordance with Club’s directive on a zero tolerance policy for trespassing, any non-members, including terminated and suspended members and family of members, that are not signed in as guests and unaccompanied by members at the Club, are considered trespassers. All trespassers will be declared persona non grata.

    3. Accordingly, Ms Shirleen Toh was declared persona non grata.

    4. Dissatisfied with the Club’s declaration, she instituted legal proceedings against the Club.

    5. The Court held that the Club succeeded in the defences of Justification and Qualified Privilege. The Court further held that the Club did not breach the PDPA.

  • 20

    Revised Bye-Law on Conduct & Complaints and Jackpot Room

    Please refer to this link for the revised Bye-Laws.

  • 15

    Installation of Solar Panels

    The Club has leased solar panels for electricity generation from an external contractor, who has started installing them on the Club’s rooftops. The work is expected to be completed by 31 May 2019 (Fri). The contractor has erected scaffolding at ground level for the work. Members and guests are advised to keep clear of the work sites for their safety.

    The solar panels will save about 12% on electricity costs or an estimated $84,000 per year. At the end of the 25-year lease, the Club will have full ownership of the panels.