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    Revised Bye-Law on Bowling & Cue Sports

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    Management Committee 2018/2019

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    Cease of Operation of Jackpot Lift

    The lift serving only the Jackpot Room will cease its operation from 15 Jun 2018 (Fri) because of low usage.

    Allowing entry to Jackpot Room via its main entrance will improve the process of registration of entry and verification of members’ status of exclusion from jackpot machine rooms*.

    Members can take the lift at the Administration Building to the second floor to access the Jackpot Room.

    *In line with the new regulations set by the National Council of Problem Gambling (NCPS), members entering Jackpot Room are required to register via signing-in at every single entry and signing-out whenever they exit the Room, and the Club is required to verify their status of exclusion every time they enter the rooms (including re-entry). The verification is conducted by staff at the registration counter at Jackpot Room’s main entrance. Those who are in the exclusion list will be denied entry.

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    Breakfast at The Palms

    Starting 23 May 2018 (Wed), The Palms will be open from 8am onwards and will be serving the Delicatessen’s breakfast menu until 10.45am.

    Members can choose to have breakfast inside The Palms to avoid the dust and noise from the ongoing construction works at the Competition Pool.

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    Further Update on Competition Pool

    1. Further to our Notice of 1 Mar 2018 (Thu), an open tender advertisement for the turnkey project to reconstruct the Competition Pool was placed in The Straits Times on 2 Mar 2018 (Fri). A total of 17 potential tenderers responded and were given a show-around of the Competition Pool on 7 Mar 2018 (Wed).

    2. The following took place after the show-around:
      5 Apr 2018 (Thu): First Tender Opening
      9 Apr 2018 (Mon): Tender Clarification Session, as three of the tenderers omitted some optional items and builder works
      13 Apr 2018 (Fri): Second Tender Opening
      16 Apr 2018 (Mon): Second Tender Clarification session for removal of builder works and to include additional items such as a movable bulkhead and starting blocks
      2 May 2018 (Wed): Third Tender Opening
      7 May 2018 (Mon): Tender Interview with shortlisted tenderers

    3. The Integrated Estate Services Sub-committee, Procurement Sub-committee, Swimming Sub-committee and Management Committee deliberated on the shortlisted tenders. It was decided that the contract be awarded to Innovez Engineering.

    4. The cost for the new pool is about $1.2 million. We will be utilising the approved CAPEX budget of $1.5 million under Structural Repair item 62, page 104 of the Annual Report 2016/2017. Please click here for the work schedule.

    5. The Competition Pool area will be cordoned off during the construction period. Members are advised to keep clear of the area for their safety.
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    Change in D’Galaxy’s Operating Hours

    With effect from 18 May 2018 (Fri), D’Galaxy’s operating hours will be as follows:

    • Monday to Thursday: 5pm - 12am

    • Friday, Saturday & Eve of Public Holidays: 3pm - 1am

    • Sunday & Public Holidays: 3pm - 12am

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    Verification of Exclusion Status

    From 1 May 2018, all jackpot machine rooms operated by private clubs in Singapore are required to verify their members’ status of exclusion from such rooms with the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) every time they enter the rooms (including re-entry). Those who are in the exclusion list will be denied entry. The verification will be conducted by staff at Jackpot Room Registration Counter.

    To facilitate the verification process, members will be asked to provide us with one-time written consents for NCPG to release their exclusion information to the Club. Those who refuse to provide the consent will be denied entry to Jackpot Room.

    We will extract barcodes representing members’ NRIC Numbers, or Passport Numbers or FINs and print onto their Jackpot Cards so that they can use the latter for the verification.

    We require members’ NRICs, or passports or work passes and Jackpot Cards to process the consent and print the barcodes.

    The verification of status of exclusion does not replace registration of entry to Jackpot Room. Members entering Jackpot Room are still required to register via signing-in at every single entry and signing-out whenever they exit the Room.

    We ask for members’ understanding and compliance to the above.


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    Barber Shop Closed on Mondays

    Golden Scissors Barber Shop will be closed on Mondays beginning 19 Mar 2018 (Mon) until further notice. 

    We apologise for the inconvenience caused. 

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    Suit against 5 members of 2011 Management Committee, namely ERIC NG, TAN WEE TIN, WILLIAM KWOK, LOREEN TEO & ANDY TANG HOCK KENG

    1. The Club’s lawyers, WongPartnership had advised the Club that the 2011 Management Committee (“2011 MC”) was in breach of fiduciary duties for allowing the Club to make further payments for ex-President, Freddie Koh’s legal expenses even after the Court of Appeal had found that Freddie had acted with malice when he made the defamatory statements against 4 former MC members. These payments were not in the interest of the Club.

    2. In mid-August 2016, letters were sent to the 2011 MC demanding payment of these legal expenses.

    3. Five (5) members of the 2011 MC approached the Club and reached a settlement by paying an unspecified sum in full and final settlement.

    4. In October 2016, legal proceedings for about $391,000.00 were instituted against the other five 2011 MC members, namely ERIC NG, TAN WEE TIN, WILLIAM KWOK, LOREEN TEO and ANDY TANG HOCK KENG (“5 Defendants”) who refused to settle with the Club.

    5(a). Unknown to the Club, the 2011 MC had in February 2012, at the suggestion of Legal Solutions (the Club’s then Solicitors), sought an authoritative opinion from Stuart Isaacs, Queen’s Counsel (“QC”).

    5(b). The QC gave 3 opinions on 23 February 2012, 27 February 2012 and 2 March 2012, which in summary stated:-

    (i) The Members’ Requisition dated 18 January 2012 for an Extra-ordinary General Meeting is neither ultra vires nor improper;
    (ii) The Court of Appeal’s finding of malice meant Freddie Koh is not acting in the discharge of duties and responsibilities for and on behalf of the Club as an office bearer;
    (iii) In agreeing to indemnify Freddie Koh for his legal expenses after the Court of Appeal’s finding of malice, the 2011 MC may be in breach of fiduciary duties to the Club.

    6. In essence, the QC had advised that the Club should not make any payment for Freddie Koh’s legal expenses. However, these 3 QC opinions were suppressed from the Club by the 5 Defendants. None of these 3 QC opinions nor copies were found in any of the Club’s files. These 3 QC opinions were also not disclosed to the members at the 4 March 2012 EGM. In fact, ERIC NG and/or LOREEN TEO informed Legal Solutions that the QC opinion was to be directed to Freddie Koh’s lawyers, M/s Bajwa & Co.

    7. It was only in October/November 2016 that the Club, through Mr Robin Tan, discovered these 3 QC opinions and the suppression by the 5 defendants. Mr Robin Tan was tasked by the Management Committee to assist the Club in the claim against the 5 Defendants.

    8. To save time and legal costs, the Club through WongPartnership gave an Offer to Settle to the 5 Defendants to pay $380,000.00 and costs to be agreed or taxed (“OTS”) in settlement of the Club’s claim against them. The 5 Defendants accepted the OTS on 28 February 2018 and paid the $380,000.00 with costs yet to be agreed or taxed.

    9. On behalf of the Club, the Management Committee would like to thank Mr Robin Tan for his guidance and assistance in this matter.