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    Mediation Settlement with Zenecon Pte Ltd

    1. Zenecon Pte Ltd was the appointed contractor for the 2010 Club Redevelopment by the then Management Committee.

    2. Since February 2013 the Club has withheld payment over dispute on the work done.

    3. On 9 January 2014, the Club was informed in writing that Zenecon went under the Receivership of Malayan Banking Berhad.

    4. The Receiver filed a claim of $5.375m against the Club for unpaid work done.

    5. As this matter has been outstanding for more than 6 years, both parties agreed to refer the dispute for mediation. The mediation session was held at the Singapore Mediation Centre on Tuesday, 20 August 2019. The mediator was a former High Court Judge, Mr Kan Ting Chiu. The Receiver was represented by their lawyers from Withers KhattarWong. The Club was represented by our lawyers, WongPartnership led by Senior Counsel Mr Tan Chee Meng.

    6. At the suggestion of the mediator, advice by our lawyers and in the interest of time and costs, the Club agreed to pay $2.1m in full and final settlement to the Receiver.

    7. Other than the settlement amount, parties have agreed that the terms of settlement be kept private and confidential.

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    Health Measures in Haze Situations

    Singapore has been experiencing slightly hazy conditions. In the event that the air quality deteriorates, the Club will implement the following health measures for the well-being of members and guests.


             24-h PSI


          Air Quality Indicators

                                             Health Measures

       Organised Outdoor Activities

                  Outdoor Facilities

             0 - 100


            Good to Moderate








             101 - 150




             151 - 200








             Above 200


               Very Unhealthy




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    September Schedule for Management Committee Walkabout

    Since July 2019, the Management Committee has been conducting walkabouts to hear members’ feedback for the Club.

    The schedule for September is as follows:



     28 September (Sat)


    Management Committee members will be around the Cabana area and look forward to receiving constructive suggestions from members for the betterment of the Club.

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    Closure of Swimming Lanes for Corporate Event Booking

    Lanes 10 and 11 of the Competition Pool will be closed for corporate event booking on the following dates and times:

    19 Sep 2019 (Thu) 6pm-7pm
    10 Oct 2019 (Thu) 3pm-4pm
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    Next Management Committee Meeting

    24 September 2019 (Tuesday)

    Time: 6:30pm

    Venue: MC Boardroom

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    Closure of D'Tanjong Dance Floor on 1-7 October

    The dance floor at D'Tanjong will be undergoing refurbishment and will be cordoned off from 1 Oct (Tue) to 7 Oct 2019 (Mon).

    There will be no band performances and Desi-Ling Soirée in this week.

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    Finance Review Committee

    At this year’s Annual General Meeting, some members had suggested appointing a Finance Review Committee to study the finances of the Club and recommend measures to alleviate the Club’s current financial position.

    The Management Committee has now formed the Committee comprising the following members:

    Khoo Kee Cheok (Chairman) – A member since 1974, Kee Cheok has 29 years of banking experience and is formerly the General Manager of a Singapore branch of an independent Hong Kong Bank. He is now a non-executive chairman and independent director of a Main Board listed company.

    Ng Teck Lea – A member since 1980, Teck Lea has 16 years of banking experience and is formerly the General Manager of a Singapore branch of a Canadian offshore bank and the Managing Director of its merchant arm. He is now the owner of a business in the wholesaling and trading of photographic accessories.

    Sim Huat Hoe – A member since 1974, Huat Hoe is formerly the General Manager of a local printing company.

    The Committee is tasked with developing a long-term and forward-looking strategy that builds financial sustainability and includes innovative means to generate revenue and cut operating costs where feasible. The Committee’s findings and recommendations will be presented to members for discussion and consideration.

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    Private Trustee in Bankruptcy’s Application to Court for Sale of Freddie Koh’s Private Property

    1. We wish to inform members that the Private Trustee in Bankruptcy ("PTIB") handling the affairs of Freddie Koh (ex Club President and a bankrupt) has applied to Court to seek an order for sale of his private property which he co-owned with his wife.

    2. This is for the purpose of the PTIB realising the property for the benefit of Freddie Koh’s creditors of which the Club is one.

    3. This came about after his wife, the co-owner was unable or refuse to buy out Freddie Koh’s interest in the property or sell the property in the open market.

    4. The Club is optimistic of recovering the balance judgment debt of about $1.85 million owed by Freddie Koh once the Court grants the Order for sale and the property is sold.

    5. We shall keep you posted of any further developments.

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    Sports Facilities/Areas Closed for Corporate Event Booking on 23 November

    The following sports facilities/areas will be closed for corporate event booking on 23 Nov 2019 (Sat) from 9am to noon: