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    Closure of Hair Salon and Barber Shop during Lunar New Year Period

    The Hairven Salon and Golden Scissors Barbershop will be closed on the following dates during the Lunar New Year Period:

    The Hairven
    • 15 Feb 2018 (Thu) - 23 Feb 2018 (Fri)

    Golden Scissors Barbershop
    • 15 Feb 2018 (Thu) - 20 Feb 2018 (Tue)

    The Hairven will impose a festive surcharge during the period before Lunar New Year from 16 Jan 2018 (Tue). Please refer to the price lists at the outlet for details.

    Golden Scissors Barbershop’s rates remain unchanged during this period.

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    Club Operating Hours during Lunar New Year Period

    15 Feb 2018 (Thu) (除夕):     Closed at 3pm
    (The Club will open at 5.30pm for members who have made reservations for the Reunion Dinner at Jade Phoenix and the Grand Ballroom.)

     16 Feb 2018 (Fri) (初一):       Closed

    Club operations will resume on 17 Feb 2018 (Sat)

    The Club Management wishes all members a prosperous Year of the Dog!

  • 10

    Shop Space for Lease

    The shop space currently occupied by Beauty and Wellness Salon Kimiyo-G Beauty will be available for lease in March 2018.

    The area is 689 square feet, has access to piped water and air-conditioning, and is in close proximity to F&B outlets like the Cabana and The Palms, as well as amenities like the Gym, Sauna and Barber Shop.

    Interested parties may submit their proposed business plan and rental offer in a sealed envelope addressed to the Integrated Estate Services Department and deposited at the Administration Office by 24 January 2018.

    The Club is not bound to accept the highest bid.

  • 09

    Extension of Competition Pool’s Temporary Closure

    The Competition Pool will be further closed until at least 18 Jan 2018 (Thu) for more thorough investigation by an independent chartered surveyor of its water leakage issue.

    The surveyor will produce its findings and recommendations. With these information, the Club will be able to deliberate on and advise the membership of the next course of action, which may include further closure of the pool for rectification works.

    During the closure period, swim training will continue to be conducted at the Recreation Pool. During the training, only half of the two lanes closest to the Gym, and the lane closest to The Palms will remain open for recreational swimming. Please refer to the diagram below:

    The swim training schedule is as follows:
    Morning: 5.30am - 9.45am (except Saturday 5.30am - 11am)
    Afternoon: 3.30pm - 7.30pm (except Monday and Wednesday 3.30pm - 8.30pm)
    No afternoon lessons on Sunday, and no lessons on Thursday.

    We apologise for the inconvenience caused and seek your kind understanding.

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    Persona Non Grata

    The Club has declared persona non grata (PNG) on the following persons:

    Mr Yaksh Birla 17 August 2016
    Ms Harsha Kaur 19 October 2016
    Mr Gupta Dev 22 November 2016
    Mr Varun Aryamaan Sanyal 22 November 2016
    Ms Tracy Lai Xin 27 December 2016
    Mr Oh Khoon Seng 29 March 2017
    Ms Divya Bothra 25 April 2017
    Ms Conhie Lim 23 May 2017
    Ms Shirleen Toh 15 June 2017
    Mr Sameer Jawa 5 July 2017
    Ms Kashvi Kewiani 23 August 2017
    Ms Prathna Jethivani 23 August 2017

    The abovementioned persons cannot be signed in as guests.

  • 03

    Jackpot Opens at Noon on Wednesday, 31 January

    In the last week of January 2018, cash collection at Jackpot will be in the morning of Wednesday instead of the normal Tuesday.

    As such, on 31 Jan 2018 (Wed), the Jackpot Room will only start operations at 12pm.

    On 30 Jan 2018 (Tue), the Jackpot Room will open as usual at 10am.

  • 20

    Next Management Committee Meeting

    25 Jan 2018 (Thu)
    Time: 6.30pm
    Venue: MC Boardroom

  • 12

    New Cleaning Schedule for MSCP Changing Rooms

    Beginning 3 January 2018 (Wed), there will be a new cleaning schedule for the MSCP Changing Rooms. Please refer to the new schedule below:

    MSCP Male Changing Room: Mondays, Noon - 2.30pm
    MSCP Female Changing Room: Wednesdays, 10.30am - 1pm

  • 24

    Revised Bye-Law on D'Galaxy

    We have revised the attached Bye-Law. which will take effect from 20 December 2017 (Wed).