Maori Lakes New Zealand Lamb @ JM

Lunch 12pm–3pm   |  Tuesday closed unless on Eve of PH & PH

Maori Lakes is a hidden gem of the Southern New Zealand. Fed by mountain springs, its sparkling lakes are named after the local Maori people who have lived off its waters. The lambs of Maori Lakes are raised free-range and available year-round. Maori Lakes lamb graces the finest dining tables of the world, and is internationally sought after for its stunning flavor and freshness.

Maori Lakes Lamb Salad $28

Maori Lakes Lamb Tataki $32

Maori Lakes Lamb Kushiyaki (3 Skewers) $12

Maori Lakes Lamb Tenderloin $38

Maori Lakes Lamb Curry Golden Pillow $32

Maori Lakes Trio of Lamb $48 

For reservations, please call Jackson Miller at 6342 3679 or email