Local Set @ The Palms

MondayFriday  |  Lunch: Noon–2.30pm; Dinner: 6pm–9pm

$36  for 2 persons  l  $68  for 4 persons

Set A
2–13 April
Double-boiled Courgette with Mushroom & Pork Ribs
Deep-fried Whole Garoupa Fish with Superior Soya Sauce
Claypot Chicken with Chestnut & Mushroom
Stir-fried Fine Beans topped with Dried Shrimps & Crispy Garlic

Set B
16–27 April

Double-boiled Chicken with Honey Dew & Chinese Almond
Steamed whole Seabass Teochew Style
Baked Salted Chicken with Chinese Herbs
Stir-fried Lettuce